My Story

Personal Side Of Daniel

  • Have been with my wife and best friend for 42 years.
  • Have 3 totally amazing, young professionals for kids.
  • I love spending time with my family and friends at home or on the boat.
  • Love playing guitar, gardening & watching things grow to fruition.
  • Love seeing the sparkle in my 7 month old grandson's eyes.

Professional Side Of Daniel

  • Certified Wedding Officiant
  • Have worked as a part-time entertainer for 30 years.
  • Have been community involved for over 30 years.
  • As a part-time wildlife artist I have sold paintings as far away as England.
  • I am the Maintenance Manager for a large global winery.

Passionate Side Of Daniel

  • I am passionate about having my children reach their goals and succeed in life.
  • I am passionate about watching my grandson and nephews grow.
  • I am passionate about loving my family & friends for as long as I am able.
  • I am passionate about life and enjoying it to the fullest.